Paul K Restaurant
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Paul K Restaurant
About Paul K Restaurant

Our new restaurant is a labor of love - an homage to memories of a far off land that's not so very different from Miami - even if it is a world away. Our chef was raised in the sunshine and reared in the gentle confines of his grandmother's kitchen, and strives to replicate all he learned at his family table and to challenge the notions of traditional dishes by bringing the bright spark of his own innovation.

Enjoy fresh seafood, meat and poultry quickly seared on the grill, seasonal vegetables prepared with a gentle hand to preserve their true flavor and the recipes learned in a family kitchen so many years ago. Creating a rustic atmosphere in the dining room that feels like a casual taverna, the chef's open kitchen and wood burning hearth add a hint of wood smoke to the air that combines with the Atlantic breeze to evoke just a bit of old world charm in the heart of a town that celebrates the new.

Experience Paul K Restaurant, coming soon!

543 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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